Bensen Fire & Safety Consulting provides comprehensive safety audits and emergency response plans for organizations across all industries. All of our evaluations are designed to minimize the liability of your organization while maximizing the safety of your staff and facility.

Safety Audit

What is a safety audit? A safety audit is a comprehensive analysis of the safety risks in your facility. An audit reduces liability for your organization and minimizes obstacles that may arise during fire inspections. We’ll work closely with local jurisdictions to ensure compliance and meet common goals. Your organization may even receive a discount on insurance because a safety audit is conducted.

Emergency Response Plan

Warnings don’t often come before an emergency. That’s why an emergency response plan is so critical. A response plan helps your organization react quickly and appropriately to emergencies. Developing a plan pinpoints unknown factors that could worsen emergency situations.

Our emergency response plans are designed to effectively meet the needs of your unique organization. Your plan will be developed through an evaluation of your facility, location, product and staffing and will be produced in conjunction with information from surrounding medical facilities and your local public safety agencies.